I'm Felix Tikkanen.

I'm a Student.

I'm a Coder.

I'm a Developer.

I'm a Blockchain Developer.


based in Antwerp, Belgium.

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I'm Felix Tikkanen,

an 18 y/o living in Belgium trying to become the best possible version of myself. I am a lifelong student who's interested in emerging technologies. Currently building a start up in AI, passionate about Blockchain, ...

I'm the most multifaceted person you'll find. I write copy (for email marketing, sales pages, ...), design and build websites and most importantly I'm a professional problem solver. I also have common sense, which funnily enough is worthy of mentioning nowadays.

If you want to follow my journey through this weird rock we all live on, check out my newsletter! Also, I usually discuss my article topics there before even considering publishing them.

  • Name:Felix Tikkanen
  • Email:[email protected]
  • Age:18
  • From:Antwerp, Belgium
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My Skills


I have worked on multiple smart-contracts, some of them you can see in my portfolio tab under Projects and Blockchain.


I have built web2 sites and web3 sites using React. One of the web2 sites you find in the portfolio tab under Projects and Other. The web3 sites will be under Projects and Blockchain.


This website is built with HTML :)


I have worked on multiple flutter projects, which aren't on my portfolio yet. They will be added soon!


First coding language I learned, because of that, I'm the most comfortable writing in python.


I speak English, Dutch and Finnish fluently because I grew up speaking them. Along the way I've learned a bit of French and German as well. Not fluent in them yet.


I have over a year of experience at designing on Figma. I first design my websites on Figma before coding them. Some of the Figma projects are to be found in the portfolio tab under Decks and Other.

Microsoft Office

Extremly comfortable in all of the Microsoft Office products including Excel, Word, Powerpoint, ... This of course includes Google's alternatives as well.


Done some Copywriting in the past. Now, I mainly write on Medium articles and on my personal newsletter.

Problem Solver

I worked alongside UNEP to solve air pollution. Proposed a solution for opioid dependency that won the Google Award at TKS. Started Synthesia, which detects Alzheimer's faster and cheaper than any current method.



My Education


High School

Sint Lievens-College Antwerpen

Economics & Maths



The Knowledge Society


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Personal Projects

Working on personal projects, which you can find on the portfolio tab


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